Competence in punching and forming technology for 50 years

The master toolmaker Walter Meese went into business for himself as early as 1968. In the beginning, his company manufactured and maintained tools and devices for punching works and metal processing plants – first in the garage and later on his first premises.

In the mid 1970s MEESE Stanz- und Umformtechnik began punched part production for the electronics industry, which was very sophisticated at the time but cannot be compared with the demands in this industrial sector today.

The growing success in the production of high quality punched parts and formed parts meant that the company premises had to be moved to today’s location in Hemer-Westig in Sauerland. The structure formed the cornerstone for further expansion. The production and office buildings, which had an area of approximately 600m² in the beginning, have now been expanded to approximately 3,000 m² of floor area. The Company has had a second production facility in Poland since 2008 and has one external warehouse with an area of approximately 1,000 m².

At the beginning of 1995 the Company founder Walter Meese appointed his son Uwe Meese as Managing Director. At the end of 2002 he transferred the overall responsibility to his son and withdrew from the management. Walter Meese still has a consultancy role in the Company today.

MEESE Stanz- und Umformtechnik GmbH currently has more than 50 employees in Germany alone.